An intelligent touchscreen entry system built specifically for the education sector.

For Parents


From the moment your parents, carers and guardians enter your organisation, the EDEntry system works for you, documenting their visit from start to finish.


When registering, visitors are required to acknowledge your safeguarding statements, which can be set and administered by you at any time. The safeguarding agreement also saved against their visitor log.


Visitors will be able to view school news in real time, find out about the latest events and see who is who with the customisable staff profiles

Members of Staff

The EDEntry system can be used to track employee attendance. It is compatible with swipe card or manual entry.

Once a member of staff has logged in, they will be presented with a personal daily dashboard that integrates with their personal school diary. The system will also track and log staff working hours if required and store the data on the back end of the system.

Welcome Mr Smith

Today you have 2 appointments at 1pm and 3pm.

Regular Visitors

If your oganisation has regular visitors who are not parents or members of staff, the EDEntry system can be configured to store regular visitors and not require them to fill in their personal visitor log each time.

Customisable Interface

Personalised Dashboard


Safeguarding Compliance

Visitor Log


Live News Feed

Visitor Feedback Questionnaire