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What is EDLive? 

EDLive video streams are perfect if you want to revise for your upcoming GCSE exams. Throughout all sessions, students are provided with a safe, secure, and private environment. You won’t be able to see or hear your peers, and they won’t be able to see you. Your video stream is only visible to the teacher! We look forward to having you at our next EDLive!

Students will receive ED Dollars upon completion of a full EDLive session. 

Did you know ED Dollars can be spent on EDVille games? Find your games on your student dashboard by clicking the orange ‘Games’ button.  Your ED Dollar balance will also be available on your dashboard.


Upcoming EDLive Sessions

English Language

Writing for Purpose – Revision  Tuesday 6th June 11 am – 12 pm



Genetics and Inheritance                      Friday 26th May 11 am – 12 pm