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EDExams works with organisations, universities, colleges and more, providing a fully managed live invigilation and proctoring service with a secure locked down application. Allowing the EDExams to eliminate cheating, enhance the user experience and boost the capacity of examinations.


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Customer Reviews

Graham McEwing


Excellent way of sitting an exam. I did have a problem logging in but on contacting Lauri Hawkins from the training company and Louise Fox at EDExams, they sent me a link that enabled one of their technical support team to gain access to my laptop and sorted the problem out in seconds. The exam was easy to navigate and I would definitely use them again, well done EDExam team 👏

Alex Stewart


Excellent Customer Support.

The whole process was brilliant. I experienced some IT issues. However after i contacting the EDExam IT department, they were able to support me with my issues and allow me to complete my exam with ease. I would like to thank Louise and Megan for the prompt response to my IT issues.

Jonana Maia


Great way to take exams!

Great way to take exams! The team is so lovely and the platform is super user friendly. It was a great experience to be able to take the exam from the comfort of your own home. No commute or additional stress needed. No problems at all with the software, would definitely recommend that more institutions adopt this evaluation system.

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