EDClass White Paper 2024 #1

Implementing Supportive Reintegration Strategies to Transform Attendance Challenges

Implementing Supportive Reintegration Strategies to Transform Attendance Challenges

Main Points

  • “125,000 children missing more than half of school and 1.7 million children are missing half a day or more a week this academic year.” (Ofstednews, 2023)

  • Provide a high-quality curriculum – Once the needs have been addressed for students a coherently sequenced curriculum must be provided even through remote education. A broad and balanced curriculum that continuously assesses students so their knowledge should be implemented.

  • Create seamless communication – Being able to offer families clarity, consistency and confidence for their child can be achieved if early, targeted and evidence-based support is provided. It’s important to create a stream of communication with parents and encourage them to become more involved with their child’s education.

  • Build rapport – Building rapport with students can help encourage them to engage more with their learning and potentially lead to a positive reintegration. Provide clear opportunities for students and parents to engage directly with the school itself not just the AP provider. 

  • 81.82% of respondents said that EDClass was either supportive or very supportive in the reintegration process of their students. The other 18.18% were neutral as their students didn’t reintegrate due to medical reasons, or others, but still boosted their attendance with marks being claimed.




Interested to Learn More?

EDClass is an online alternative provision that provides one-to-one support from UK-qualified teachers. Attendance codes can also be claimed by schools and trusts to help elevate their figures.

EDClass promotes the personal development of students aiding a positive reintegration for those with SEND requirements, behavioural or mental health challenges, medical needs and other circumstances preventing them from accessing mainstream education.

Check out the testimonial on the left from the Director of Inclusion, at Inspiration Trust, Iain Mackintosh on their success with EDClass. You can also view other testimonials on our YouTube page.

Contact EDClass on 01909 568338 if you would like some information about how an effective online alternative provision could assist your school or MAT.


"I’d 100 per cent recommend EDClass to other schools. The team are first class, so supportive, attentive with every detail and it’s ever-changing."

David Paul, Head of Year 7, Rodillian Academy 

I'd definitely recommend EDClass. The students are still getting that high-quality education from EDClass that they would be getting in a mainstream school I've also mentioned it to schools outside the trust because I feel like it's something that can really benefit from from a lot of points from different schools."

Kyle Dixon, Inclusion Lead, Bluecoat Beechdale Academy 

"I would recommend EDClass to others it's another kind of bow in your arsenal of supporting students, making sure learning is going on even if they can't be in school. So EDClass in that regard is absolutely superb."

Christopher Sandall, Assistant Principal for Inclusion, Hethersett Academy