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Breaking Barriers to Learning – EDClass’ Online Attendance Solution  


Student attendance can be heavily impacted for a variety of reasons and you may have students who need support with their alarming attendance levels. The working together to improve school attendance guidance states: 

“Improving attendance is everyone’s business. The barriers to accessing education are wide and complex, both within and beyond the school gates, and are often specific to individual pupils and families. The foundation of securing good attendance is that school is a calm, orderly, safe, and supportive environment where all pupils want to be and are keen and ready to learn.”

It is important to identify why a student is not attending and find the most appropriate solution for them to raise their attendance. Breaking attendance barriers can be achieved through an effective online alternative provision such as EDClass. 

Attendance codes can be claimed when your students are learning on the platform and this can be done when they even learning from home. Ensure no learning is missed for your students with support from our experienced UK-qualified teachers providing a live support chat and more:

✅ Raise your students’ attendance levels by implementing supportive measures to encourage them to enjoy learning. Our qualified teachers create a safe space for students to learn in a setting they are most comfortable with. 

✅ A variety of students can use EDClass whether it be because of mental health, behaviour or those at risk of exclusion. Use the system to ensure their attendance isn’t affected.

✅ Attendance tracking is integrated to highlight the impact the system is having on your students and provides high-quality evidence ready for an inspection. 

If you would like to book an online demonstration of the platform then please call 01909 568338, send an email to mail@edclass.com or book directly below.