Online Alternative Provision


Are you looking for an online alternative provision solution to support your students? EDClass provides one-on-one support from qualified teachers to students learning remotely. Students are fully safeguarded and the platform can match your school’s curriculum.



Safeguarding is EDClass’ highest priority and students are fully safeguarded remotely with sophisticated measures in place

Mental Health

Students who experience mental health challenges can use EDClass by learning at their own pace with one-to-one support


EDClass can help positively reintegrate learners into mainstream education at the same level as their peers

Behaviour Repair 

With a pastoral wraparound approach and specific behaviour repair lessons students can make a positive change on EDClass


Learner’s needs are clearly identified with so learning pathways are created to improve gaps in knowledge 


A 5-step process helps assess students’ knowledge and significantly raises grades with support from qualified teachers


Schools can claim an attendance code for their students with EDClass adhering to government guidance and Ofsted requirements

Off-site Direction 

An off-site provision that supports students remotely. EDClass can match your school’s curriculum so students aren’t left behind

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Current Schools Across the UK

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Please take a look at these video testimonials below of schools and a student who have used the EDClass platform

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