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Meet Milly

EDClass platform treats safeguarding as its highest priority.
Alongside our rigorous safeguarding practices we also offer over 70 CPD courses that have all been built by Milly Wildish, our Senior Safeguarding Lead and Trainer who spent 13 years as a Child Safeguarding Detective at Scotland Yard.

She is also available as a specialist for consultancy on serious cases and can carry out safeguarding audits should you need it.


We have developed an incredibly successful assessment and testing structure that benefits from over a decade of working closely with schools and academies.

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Our Teachers

To support our learners, we have sourced additional tutoring and teaching expertise. All our tutors are UK qualified and trained teachers. All our staff, teachers and support tutors are enhanced DBS checked and undergo extensive safeguarding training.

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Safeguarding of our young people, teaching staff and staff is paramount.


Safeguarding Alerts

While on the system, students will have access to an “alert” button. If at any point there is change in circumstance, the student can use the alert button to alert the relevant staff at your establishment.


Safeguarding Audits

Our trained professionals can carry out safeguarding audits, which are full inspections of current processes, policies, and frameworks designed to highlight safeguarding risks within your organisation.

Attendance Tracking

Students will have set registration times when working in the virtual classroom. If a student fails to log in at the time they are expected to, you will be notified immediately.

CPD Courses

We specialise in numerous safeguarding courses ranging from Contextual Safeguarding to Gangs and even Country Lines. We have a comprehensive suite of over 70 different courses.

Safeguarding Consultancy

Our Safeguarding Team can develop your policies, tailoring them to your specific organisation, demonstrating your commitment to safeguarding.

'Eyes-On' Learning

Your students’ streams will be monitored by our team to ensure they are online, working and safe. Any concerns will be reported straight to your establishment.


Helping to Test and Predict Grades Accurately



Whilst on the platform your students are being continuously assessed. All the data is important, so every answer your students give in our lessons, tests and mock exams is tracked and recorded.

Gap Analysis

Our skill gap analysis grid shows how each student has performed on each topic through a traffic light system, giving you a clesr view of their strengths and weaknesses.

Personalised Catch-Up

Once your students’ skill gaps have been identified, the system creates a personalised learning pathway for each student to follow, perfect for catch-up programmes throughout their learning to build on their areas for improvement.

our Teachers

Live, On Demand or Timetabled Teaching

Live Lessons

Our tutors and teachers deliver a wide range of teaching and resources within a range of subjects. Our teachers deliver these lessons live to your students, but we also have over 2,000 pre-recorded lessons available to watch on-demand.

One-To-One Support

Our support staff are on hand at the touch of the button to provide additional support and help your students through their lessons. This could be through text chat or a voice chat to suite the learners’ requirements.


Our teachers will also mark the work that your students submit, giving them detailed feedback, praise and additional support based on their knowledge of the topic.


What People Are Saying

“EDClass has been an invaluable resource within our SEND and safeguarding teams as some students who have struggled to access the academy, have had work provided during their difficult periods. This has meant that they did not develop meaningful gaps in their education so could reintegrate easily.”
Adele Chilton

Merrill Academy

“I am impressed with their safeguarding protocols and how well they work with the school to ensure the wellbeing of the students on the live seats, their vigilance and open communication supports the school to meet safeguarding responsibilities when the student is working off-site.”
Vicki Bond

Daventry Hill

“EDClass has enabled us to support pupils with poor attendance and has contributed to the school having a PA rate which is well below the national average. We also use EDClass effectively to support our pupils who have behavioural concerns, engaging them in learning when at times they have become disengaged.”
Matt Taylor

Hindley High School

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